Ps Franz & Anne Muller

Senior Pastors

Welcome to His People Church Namibia

We are a thriving, growing Bible believing church and our greatest motivation is to bring honor to God by worshipping him with a true heart, being inspired and challenged to live our lives according to His word. We believe that as we live out the word wherever we find ourselves, God will use us as agents of change who will bring godly transformation in every area of life. Currently we have three congregations running in Windhoek: His People Central, His People in Babilon and His People Campus.

We believe in diversity and desire to see all ethnicities and generations in Namibia represented in our church. We also believe in strong family bonds, both natural and spiritual, and provide personal care to our members through pastoral ministry and connect groups all over the city.

Please join us on Sunday mornings at any of our congregations. You are more than welcome.

We look forward to meeting you.

Ps Hilma Müller

Congregational Pastor & Elder

Welcome to the His People Central congregation

His People Central is a family congregation, which comprises of young adults, scholars and community folk. We come together at the Windhoek show grounds every Sunday at 9:30am to experience God’s presence corporately, celebrate His goodness and be encouraged to go out and be his hands, heart and feet in our community. If you have children, bring them along to be part of our vibrant children’s church, which runs concurrently with the main service.

We love doing life deeply during the week in our connect groups and have outreach activities at least once a month. As a family church, we believe that healthy individuals make healthy families that will build a healthy nation and thus we give ourselves to discipling people in the word, presence and power of God, ensuring that their foundations are strong, and trusting God for victory and breakthrough in their lives.

Come and experience God’s transformational power with us as we worship and exalt Him on Sunday mornings.

Ps Christoffer Chipeio

Associate Congregational Pastor & Elder

Levi and Victoria Haufiku

Babilon Leaders

Welcome to the His People Babilon Congregation

Join us as we witness the power and Love of God Transform the lives of those in one of the poorest areas of Windhoek. Here we believe that God can take any community and transform it for his purposes and kingdom. We have seen families’ restored, dreams come alive, the captives set free and broken hearts restored back to the father. We exist to inspire hope to the hopeless and see the so-called informal settlement transformed by the word, presence and power of God as we disciple one person at a time.
Hope to see you at our services
God bless you

Ernst Groenewald

Campus Leader (MPD)

Welcome to the His People Campus Congregation

At the His People Windhoek Campus congregation Windhoek, we are all about making Jesus Christ famous in the entire world. With a resounding call to GO Change the Campus, GO Change the World. Isaiah 28v6 Yes, LORD, walking in the way of your laws, we wait for you; Your name and renown are the desire of our hearts.

We are seeing students lives transformed by the word, presence and power of God through our dynamic Sunday services and weekly connect groups. These students in turn go into the different spheres of the university advancing the kingdom. Join us not only for a moment with destiny but an encounter with our Lord Jesus Christ that is guaranteed to change you, your life and future. In your collision with destiny you can get planted, set on fire to GO change the campus and GO change the world. We are all about FUN, FIRE and authentic FAMILY.
Looking forward to seeing you at our campus services

Selma Joseph

Campus Leader (MPD)